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What To Look Forward In 2023

The real estate industry is expected to continue to grow and thrive in 2023. As the economy continues to recover, more people will be looking to buy and invest in property, driving up demand for real estate. Additionally, the increasing availability of technology and data will be beneficial for the industry as it will provide more transparency and accuracy in the market….

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Open Space | The Wyle House, John Rex 1961

The Wyle House, a masterpiece conceived by architect John Rex in 1961, stands as an architectural marvel. Reflecting the hues and textures of the vast 3,000-acre ranch that cradles it, the house retains its original furniture, meticulously craf...

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Open Space | The Frost House, Emil Tessin, (1964)

Architect Emil Tessin designed the Frost House in collaboration with Alside Homes Corporation, with interiors curated by Paul McCobb and Florence Knoll in 1964. Conceived as a prefab design, Tessin aimed to build thousands of these homes, but t...

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Open Space | The Lord House, Richard Neutra (1961)

Discovering a forgotten Richard Neutra home is a rare occurrence, but that's precisely what happened when Erik and Dora ventured into a residence quietly circulating off-market in the picturesque Hills off of Mulholland. Stepping inside,...

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Open Space | The Glass House, Philip Johnson 1949

The Glass House is an iconic Modernist masterpiece located in New Canaan, Connecticut. Designed and constructed in 1949 by the renowned American architect Philip Johnson, this striking structure is celebrated for its minimalist and transparent ...

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